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Here's a look at how the different refrigerants compare in pressures and temperatures
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Working with three 'almost identical' vehicles makes this test worthy of a closer look. We've charted the high pressures, low pressures and vent temperatures for each of the refrigerants to provide an easier comparison. You will notice that in the case of these three Cadillacs, R-12 and R-134a developed almost identical HIGH pressures of 175 p.s.i. while the R-152a was noticeably lower at only 165 p.s.i. Those lower head pressures will help in hotter climates!
As you can see, the LOW pressure readings provide a little different story. R-12 was 'right on the money' where it should be. Although R-134a was slightly lower at 25 p.s.i., it didn't do as well with vent temperatures (below). R-152a returned the lowest low pressure at only 22 p.s.i. That's still acceptable.
This chart shouldn't be much of a surprise to most. Of course, the R-12 provided the best vent temperatures at 40ºF while the R-134a system was considerably higher at 47ºF. But take a look at the R-152a system! It provided an outlet vent temperature of 45ºF. That is certainly acceptable! Comments and questions?
What's it all mean?
This comparison test provides an excellent hands on look at these three refrigerants operating under almost identical conditions. We wouldn't go as far as claiming that R-152a is the best replacement for R-134a based on just one simple test... but when you look at the facts and figures, you would have to agree that it's certainly a candidate for automotive applications. You can read more about this in Keepin' Cool, new eZine dedicated to mobile A/C.

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Photos and test data courtesy of chevybob
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