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In-Line Filters... it's almost like insurance
for your Auto A/C Compressor!
auto air conditioning inline filters can help prevent premature compressor failures... and they are a must when replacing your compressor! Find out more! In-line filters provide excellent protection for your auto A/C compressor. In fact, if your vehicle requires a replacement compressor (new or remanufactured) you should insist that an in-line filter be installed. Why? Because by virtue of design, the in-line filters trap and hold more debris than a typical orifice tube, yet they still allow the refrigerant to flow through the system. That's important, because as long as refrigerant flows, refrigerant oil will be circulating and your compressor will continue to be lubricated.
In-Line Filters on your auto A/C system
can help prevent this!
Auto A/C orifice tube photo shows serious restrictions! How can you prevent this from happening? Install an in-line A/C filter from the COOL ZONE! Pictured left is an orifice tube removed from an auto A/C system that suffered a compressor failure. Click the image to have a close up look at the debris on the inlet filter screen of this orifice tube. You will quickly see how the screen is restricted; the restrictions caused refrigerant and oil flow to the compressor to be 'shut off'! Auto A/C orifice tube photo shows serious restrictions! How can you prevent this from happening? Install an in-line A/C filter from the COOL ZONE! This is another view of the same orifice tube. Up close you will be able to see the corrosion, particles of metal and even a piece of compressor piston ring (teflon ring) caught on the orifice tube. Remember, it takes less than 1/10 of a teaspoon of debris to clog an orifice tube!
More about In-Line Filters
In-line filters have been available for automotive air conditioning systems for years. They never gained wide spread popularity for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was installation. Many add on filters were manufactured to install into rubber hose sections. In today's automotive A/C systems, most of the a/c hoses or 'lines' are metal (aluminum), so filters that require installation into rubber hose are not convenient. Another problem was the in-line a/c filters were manufactured as a sealed (welded) unit. The only way to change the filter was to change the entire unit. That was not cost effective.
Why are in-line A/C filters required?

Auto A/C System illustration shows the flow or freon (refrigerant) through the system. Also shown is the typical location of the orifice tube and where the in-line filter should be installed to help protect your car's A/C Compressor! Get the filters at the COOL ZONE!
Above is a schematic of a typical auto A/C system using an orifice tube. NOTE that for systems using  THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVES, the valve would be in place of the orifice tube. Also, don't be confused by the schematic illustration. Typically, the line between the condenser and the expansion valve is much longer.
See the automotive A/C system illustration below .

Illustrated on the left is a typical auto A/C system schematic showing the major A/C system components. Flow arrows indicate the direction of refrigerant flow. Typically, any debris that is developed in the system is carried by the refrigerant, in the same direction the refrigerant flows. The inlet screen of the orifice tube is the only filter on the system. As soon as it gets restricted, refrigerant and oil circulation stops. When refrigerant flow is restricted, the system cooling performance is reduced. Typically, that happens along with 'rapid' compressor cycling. The in-line A/C filter should be installed PRIOR to the orifice tube, as shown in the illustration.
Unique in-line filter design for all auto A/C systems
This new and unique in-line A/C filter is the last filter that you will ever install... that's because the filter element is interchangeable! That's right! No more having to guess... no more tossing out the old filter! With this new Keep-it-Kleen in-line A/C filter design, you simply change the filter element! That's innovation! Keep-it-Kleen in-line a/c filters are like insurance for your car's A/C Compressor. Get the filters at the COOL ZONE!
The last filter you will ever install! That's because the filter element is interchangeable! Installation is quick and easy and requires NO SPECIAL TOOLS! See the installation instructions right here!
Typical '10 minute' installation is like insurance
for your auto A/C compressor!
Typical installation of an in-line A/C filter would be as illustrated on the right. The filter should be installed in the LIQUID LINE BEFORE the orifice tube. That way, you are protecting the orifice tube and helping to maintain flow of refrigerant and oil to the compressor.

As shown, the new design in-line filter is manufactured to install into aluminum tube. It utilizes a universal 'compression fitting' type mount that is easy to install and requires no special tools!

Where your original orifice tube is located in the liquid line between the condenser and evaporator or in the condenser outlet, simply add the optional 'universal orifice tube' as shown in the photos below.

A/C Filters are easy to install in the liquid line of your A/C System. Help protect the orifice tube and maintain flow or refrigerant and oil to the A/C Compressor! Get the filters at the COOL ZONE!
The compression fitting installation makes it easy to install this new design in-line A/C filter without using any special tools! For applications where the orifice tube is mounted in-line between the condenser and the evaporator, or in the condenser outlet, simply add the optional universal orifice tube as shown below.
Why LIQUID Line in-line filters?
First of all, because they work! Originally used by General Motors in the late 1970's the filters were designed to help prevent premature compressor failure. The innovative Keep-it-Kleen is manufactured based on many of the same theories of the original filters, except that they are made to have an interchangeable filter element. Something that was never part of the original GM design.

Some suppliers support 'Suction Line' filters. The misinformed theory claims that the filter installed in the suction line JUST BEFORE THE COMPRESSOR will prevent debris from entering the compressor. Well, in theory it would... if debris could ever get that far! Why do we say that? Because... look at the system schematic! For debris to travel into the suction side of the A/C compressor, it would first have to pass through the orifice tube, (oh yes... did you see what happens to an orifice tube when it encounters debris?) then travel UP through the evaporator, through the ACCUMULATOR (typically located at the evaporator outlet) and THEN onward to the compressor. Simply put... it just doesn't happen that way.

Why? First of all, the orifice filter screen stops most debris. Anything that passes that remains int he bottom of the evaporator. Why? Because the refrigerant in the evaporator BOILS. Yes... Boils! When a liquid boils, any contaminants are left in the liquid! They do not move through to the vapor. (That's physics!) So how does the debris get into the suction side of the compressor? It doesn't! It's just that plain and simple. In fact, consider this. The suction side filters available on the market are about as useful as "taking your accordion deer hunting!" That's the plain truth!

Truly innovative! The only in-line A/C filter that helps prevent compressor failure... and the only one
you should insist on!
In-line A/C Filters protect your car's A/C compressor! Get the complete details and installation instructions here. Get the filters at the COOL ZONE! Your best A/C Source on line!
The unique filter design makes it easy to install. The four-in-one filter pack traps and holds more debris than the orifice tube while still maintaining refrigerant and oil flow throughout the A/C system. Optional orifice tube installs in seconds for applications where the factory orifice tube is installed between the condenser and evaporator (in-line) or at the condenser outlet.
The Keep-it-Kleen in-line A/C filter is unique because the filter element can be changed!

The 4 stage filter includes a primary screen, primary fiber filter (yellow), secondary fiber filter (dark grey) and a secondary filter screen. The complete kit comes assembled ready to install. View and download the installation instructions right here!

On applications where the original orifice tube is located BETWEEN THE CONDENSER AND THE EVAPORATOR (typical on some Ford vehicles) or at the OUTLET OF THE CONDENSER, simply add the optional universal orifice tube. Install it into the rear assembly of the filter and you're done!


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