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How the A/C System works
Understanding Superheat, Latent Heat and Humidity
Recharging and Retrofitting
Diagnostics and understanding the Gauge Readings
Performance Testing the Auto A/C System
Proper Auto A/C Leak Detection Methods
Flushing the A/C System

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Section 1
How the Auto A/C System
Really Works

Immediate Digital (eBook) Download
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How the A/C System Really Works: Talk about air conditioning and you're really talking about heat! That's because air conditioning is nothing more than a method of transferring heat. This eBook manual explains all the principles that really make the air conditioning system work. Topics covered include heat, how it's measured, the effects of pressure on the A/C system and how the refrigerant goes through the changes of state. The section finishes by building a typical A/C system one component at a time clearly explaining the high and low sides along with liquid and vapor sides of the system. These are all the important principles you need to understand if you want to know how the A/C system really works.
Auto air conditioning made easy
All of the principles of air conditioning are covered in a manner that makes them easy to understand. Clear explanations of the 'changes of state', the effects of pressure, the relationships between pressure and temperatures and how heat moves are all important principles to understand when diagnosing A/C systems. This section provides the solid background you need. Everything is professionally illustrated to make all of the principles of heat transfer easy to understand and remember.

Latent heat?  Superheat? Do they matter?
You bet they do! Without a clear understanding of these principles, air conditioning will always remain a mistry. How do we make it simple? We explain all of the principles as they relate to things you see every day. When you understand these important principles of heat transfer you will improve your understanding and ability to diagnose any A/C system.

Build an A/C system piece by piece
The second part of this section develops a typical auto A/C system one component at a time. That helps you understand the function of each component. Then we apply all of the principles of heat transfer to that model A/C system, providing you the best understanding of just how the A/C system really works.

High side? Low side? Liquid? Vapor?
What's it all mean? As we build our model A/C system, you will clearly see how to identify the different 'sides' of the system on any car. Then we will show you the simplest method to remember them. That will always make A/C diagnosis easier!

Detailed Illustrations of System Components
Professionally illustrated 'cut away' diagrams detail the internal operation of system components including the receiver drier, accumulators, expansion valves and orifice tubes. Understand how these components really work and what the differences are.

A/C System Schematic Illustrations
We detail all of the various auto A/C system designs with clear full color schematic illustrations. We also explain the differences in those A/C system designs. Therefore with an understanding of the principles, you will see how heat transfer really works in all the auto A/C system designs.

Pressure Gauge Readings
Understand the proper pressure gauge readings for all the major A/C system designs on the road. Illustrations and explanations show you exactly what pressure readings should be on every A/C system design.

Quick Reference WIZ Charts™ provide the best summary
Full color printable WIZ Charts™ are your best quick reference guide. This section includes two full color WIZ Charts™ that can be printed for use anywhere at any time. (The free trial version does not include the WIZ Charts).

This information is not available anywhere else. You can't get our A/C manuals in parts jobbers or book stores. Not even manufacturers shop manuals or 'National Brand' auto repair CD's will provide you the easy to understand explanations included in this manual. If you want to service auto air conditioning you can't afford not to have this manual.

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Take a closer look at more details
included in Section 1

Detailed illustrations and explanations about the changes of state; not only an important concept to understand, but understand how it plays a role in the operation of the A/C system. Helps when diagnosing poor cooling problems.

Click the image above to order

This section is fully illustrated to provide the best understanding of the real operation of the A/C system. Learn the real relationships between refrigerant temperatures and pressure.

Click the image above to order

All the principles are reviewed on one single page. That helps make it a lot easier to remember the specific details.

Click the image above to order

We build a model A/C system from the 'ground up'. Starting with the evaporator, the entire system gets built piece by piece. You gain a perfect understanding of the reason for each component.

Click the image above to order

The model A/C system is built until it's complete. Easy to follow professional illustrations make it easy to remember.

Click the image above to order

The model A/C system is summarized with an illustration of the complete auto A/C system showing all the important 'sides' of the system; High and Low, liquid and vapor.

Click the image above to order

Plus we provide detailed schematic illustrations of each of the 5 most common A/C system designs on the road today!

Click the image above to order

Every system design illustration includes cut away illustrations of important components. Now you can really understand how the A/C system works!

Click the image above to order

Plus you get these great WIZ Charts™!
They're your own quick reference summary!
All of this is included in Section 1

Click the images below to order

The complete Pressure Temperature Relationship Chart that includes important information detailing the proper pressure ranges for both the Evaporator and the Condenser. Never be left alone when diagnosing and A/C system; You always have your WIZ Charts™! The second WIZ Chart™ included provide the typical gauge readings for all the common system designs on the road today. Helps you understand the proper readings on a working system.

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Get all the details for proper A/C service !

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Only $9.95 (US) ADD TO CART and get
Immediate Digital (eBook) Download!

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