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What Vacuum Pump Manufacturer's
Don't Want You to Know!
We reveal service and maintenance procedures for your rotary vane vacuum pump that will save you hundreds of dollars & restore your vacuum pump!
According to recent estimates, over 90% of the vacuum pumps in service today do not pull proper vacuum! Does yours?

- Learn Everything Vacuum Pump Manufacturer's really don't want you to know about service and maintenance of your vacuum pump!
What Vacuum Pump Manufacturer's really DON'T Want you to know!

Get this eBook NOW! Introductory Offer!
Only $24.95

It's really simple. If you own a rotary vane vacuum pump, you need this information. Vacuum pumps are neglected. Nobody ever follows maintenance and service procedures. In fact, it's estimated that over 90% of the vacuum pumps in service today do not perform properly, and that makes it almost unavoidable for these shops to perform proper auto A/C service!

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are the most common design used in auto and mobile A/C service. The problem is (as you have probably noticed) that over time, these pumps loose their ability to continually provide deep vacuum. What do you do? Buy a new pump? That's exactly what the manufacturer's want you to do! But now, this A/CE™ manual reveals the steps you can take in your shop, without any special tools, to repair and restore your rotary vane vacuum pump to work reliably on every job.. every time! This manual simply has all the information the the vacuum pump manufacturer's didn't want you to know!

If you own a vacuum pump that looks like this... you need this information! 

Everything Vacuum Pump Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know!

Vacuum pumps are one of the most expensive pieces of auto A/C service equipment you have. They are also one of the most neglected pieces of equipment too! You use a vacuum pump on every A/C service job without exception. That means you rely on them and you would be out of business without one, right? Then what steps are you taking to ensure that your pump works properly and will last longer and perform better for years to come? If you answer 'nothing', then you really need this information because we reveal all the procedures you can do right now to restore your pump to 'like new' condition.

We're not offering a quick fix or a 'snake oil' remedy. In fact, you better plan to spend a couple of hours on your pump after you've read the book. What we are offering are clearly documented, easy to follow step-by-step procedures to overhaul your pump and restore it's ability to pull deep vacuum time and time again. We even show you why you may actually be using your vacuum pump as a vacuum cleaner! That's right... we provide you the tips on what you can do to avoid wear, damage and vacuum pump failures. We even include over 70 full color photos that take you step-by-step through our process and show you exactly what to do (and what not to do too!).

You should know that this is not a factory authorized service. You should also know that we've compiled this information after countless if not hundreds of service jobs with excellent results every time. So yes, this information documents a proven process. You will not find this information in the manufacturer's instructions or owners manual. You will not find it in other A/C service or repair books, and you definitely will not find this information on any of the 'National Brand' Auto A/C Service CD's.

Even if you think your vacuum pump is working fine, this manual can save you hundreds of dollars because we show you exactly where the failures occur; exactly what causes vacuum pump failures and the steps you can take to prevent failures.

What about used vacuum pumps? Have you ever thought about purchasing a used vacuum pump but were never sure? We'll show you everything you can do to restore that vacuum pump to 'like new' condition in just a few hours and without any special tools.

Are you interested in earning money from this service? Consider that you could provide a vacuum pump overhaul for $50 or $60 to other shops in your area and make double the cost of this manual back with barely any effort!

Still not sure? Take a look at this. Here's a sneak preview of this manual where we document an actual overhaul we completed. Initial tests proved this pump was barely working.

These are actual photos from one of our documented overhauls
The complete job is included in this manual

When we started, we couldn't even pull 10,000 microns!

That's right! This is the actual service that's documented step-by-step in this manual. Now, keep in mind that water does not start to boil until your vacuum pump pulls 1,500 microns or less! In this repair, when we started the pump was barely operational and couldn't even pull 10,000 microns. Sure it was reading a vacuum on the pressure gauges, but it took forever to complete an A/C service and it never attained the deep vacuum levels you need to boil moisture on every A/C service job!

After our service we pulled just over 500 microns! That's deep vacuum!

We show you all of the steps this pump went through. You will quickly see that it's not difficult and like we said, you require no special tools. But within a little more than an hour of time we were able to complete the service, refill the pump and had it back in service pulling deep vacuum that boils water every time.

If you own a rotary vane vacuum pump, you really can't afford to be without this information. If this manual only shows you how to prevent damage and failures and the steps you can take to quit using your vacuum pump as a vacuum cleaner, then it's worth twice the price! We assure you this information will save you hundreds of dollars and maybe even more.

DISCLAIMER: All of the processes included in this manual have been proven to work. In every case we have documented improved levels of microns after the service. However, as we have no way of knowing what the original condition of your vacuum pump is, we make no assurance or guarantee that your vacuum pump can be restored or repaired following these procedures. This process has worked hundreds of times but should not be construed as a guarantee to repair your vacuum pump.

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If you own a Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump,
you need this eBook NOW! Introductory Offer!

Only $24.95 now

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Here's a peek at what's included in this manaul!

Step-by-step details showing you everything you need to know !
BUY this eBook now! What Vacuum Pump Manufacturers really don't want you to know! Everything is documented with full color photos. We leave nothing to your imagination! See the step-by-step details of how you can perform this service in your shop and save yourself hundreds of dollars on vacuum pumps!
Complete 'how to' details with over 70 photos
BUY this eBook now! What Vacuum Pump Manufacturers really don't want you to know! We lay everything out. We show you exactly what to do. We also show you what not to do. The process is simple once you have seen all the details.

Up close photos let you see everything clearly!
BUY this eBook now! What Vacuum Pump Manufacturers really don't want you to know! All the photos are detailed and clear so that you're not left guessing. Photos like this one are highlighted to show you specific problems encountered and explanations on exactly how to deal with them.
Everything and every step is explained in detail !
BUY this eBook now! What Vacuum Pump Manufacturers really don't want you to know! All of the details are provided so that they are easy to follow. Our photos show you everything! We include and explain clear 'Cautions' so that you're not making any of the common mistakes. Remember, there's no special tools required and you can complete this job in less than a couple of hours on your shop floor!
We show you exactly where and why pumps fail so you will know how to protect yours !
BUY this eBook now! What Vacuum Pump Manufacturers really don't want you to know! Without doubt you will quickly see how the little mistakes you could be making right now seriously effect your vacuum pump. We show you where the vacuum pumps fail. We explain why they fail. This information will easily save you hundreds of dollars, if not more!
A look at the WIZ Chart™ included with this A/CE™ Manual !
BUY this eBook now! What Vacuum Pump Manufacturers really don't want you to know! We've included this WIZ Chart™ that provides you a complete conversion of vacuum levels. The chart details 'Percent of Vacuum', 'Inches of vacuum' (the way you would read it on your vacuum gauge) and Microns. A must have to know exactly what your vacuum pump is doing!

If you own a Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, you really need this information NOW!
It's only $24.95 now

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