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Your best source for complete troubleshooting and diagnosis information on auto A/C systems. Our information provides proper repair, recharge, service and maintenance procedures for all automotive air conditioning systems. Regardless if you have a current CCOT (cycling clutch orifice tube) system or an expansion valve and POA valve system, we've got the information you need. From step-by-step help on retrofitting and recharging to complete A/C compressor or component replacement, our A/C manuals provide you a quick and easy methods that have been proven helpful to everybody from the apprentice to the professional.

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10 most common & often overlooked leaks in today's auto A/C systems!
We reveal everything and show you exactly where to look and how to find all the leaks to save you time and money!

- The 10 most common and often overlooked leaks in
today's auto A/C systems:
Learn all of the tips and tricks the pros use to find leaks fast!

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Today's auto A/C system are far more complicated than the designs of just a few years ago. Sometimes it's difficult to just follow the lines, never mind find the leaks! That's why you need to understand where to look first! Save a lot of time, money and refrigerant when you find all the leaks in an A/C system quickly.

We reveal all the problem leak areas. Some of them are missed and overlooked by A/C service technician's every day. A lot of the leak areas revealed in this manual are simply not exposed by regular leak test procedures because they are 'hidden'. You won't find them if you don't know about them or if you're not following the proper methods.

This A/CE™ eBook manual goes far beyond any other manual about leak detection. It provides full details that just are not included in any other service or repair manual. We show you exactly where to look for problem A/C leaks. We explain exactly what the causes of the leaks are. We even show you tips and tricks the pros use to complete a better repair job! Are you spending a lot of time trying to find 'phantom' or 'hidden' leaks? Not sure about quick and fast methods to leak test the auto A/C system? We've got the help you need!

What about those A/C systems that just don't hold a refrigerant charge. You've been all over the system and can't find a leak. You recharge the car and it's empty in a few days! You know there's got to be a leak... but where? It's obvious that you've missed something. You've probably missed one of the 'hidden' leak areas that we expose in this eBook. A lot of there leak areas go undetected all the time! Even though in a lot of cases, you're looking right at them, conventional leak detection methods don't expose most of the 'hidden' leak areas. Quit leaking costly refrigerant and spending all of your time looking for leaks. Find out exactly where all the leaks in your A/C system really are.

This information is not offered in any other manual anywhere. It's not available in any of the OE service manuals or factory shop manuals. It's not available anywhere else on the internet! It's not available in book stores or libraries nor is it included in any of the 'national brand' auto repair CD manuals! You can't even find this information at auto parts or specialty stores! Only the A/CE™ eBook manuals provide you the professional information that takes all the guess work out of auto A/C leak detection.

We've even included these added extras
at no additional charge!

1st Added bonus!
There's another real popular leak that most A/C service technician's haven't even run into yet! This 'new leak' area has become so popular so quickly that it almost always goes undetected, but there's literally 1,000's of them on the road right now. Just before release, we've added all the details and actual photos that show you exactly what you need to know and look for so you will never miss this one again!

2nd Added bonus!
If you're repairing leaks and fixing auto A/C systems, then you really need to understand the truth about o-ring seals. They are available in a variety of different colors, but can you use them on any system? What's the difference? How do you know if I you've got the right ones? We've included all the details on o-ring seals so that you easily understand which ones you can and can not use. (Don't ever be fooled again by all the pretty o-ring colors! Did you know that some suppliers actually 'painted' their o-rings to try and fool you?) O-rings are one of the least expensive components on the A/C system but cause so many leaks that end up costing you money! Don't ever be fooled about o-rings again when you know the truth. Learn what the pros know to be sure you always use the right ones!

On top of all of that,
you really get this eBook for free!

Even though this eBook could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by improving your A/C leak detection, we told you that you could get this A/CE™ eBook manual for free, right? Well, here's how! This eBook includes a 'special electronic discount coupon' that's available only from inside the book! Once you download the eBook, simply register the coupon. You will automatically get $9.95 off your next purchase at the COOL ZONE™ Auto A/C Parts Warehouse (on any order totalling $39.99 or more!; Discount is calculated at the Checkout Page)

The coupon is valid for over a year so you don't have to rush! That's right. Purchase this eBook now and register your special discount coupon. Once you've registered that coupon, you will automatically get a discount of $9.95 off your next purchase (of $39.99 or more) when you shop at the COOL ZONE on-line A/C Parts Warehouse! (The discount coupon applies to all products, digital or not!)

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Get this eBook for free!
$9.95 now
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Other A/CE™ Manuals & A/C Info - Quick Index
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Here's a peek at what's included in this manual!

Are all A/C Hoses the same?
The truth is that they're not! We reveal the real truth about problems with A/C hoses and how to spot problems and hidden leaks that go undetected. We even show you how a simple hose repair can cause leaks that you weren't even expecting! In fact, most suppliers of A/C parts don't even know the difference and could be selling you the wrong parts for the job!

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Hard to find and common leaks explained
This manual is completely illustrated and easy to follow because it shows you exactly what you need to know about all the hidden and hard to find leaks. The tips and tricks alone are worth several times the value of this manual, and you can even get all the details on all the A/C leaks for free!

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Do you realize you could be looking at a hidden leak right now!
There's lot's of hidden leaks on today's auto A/C systems. The problem is if you don't know what to check and how to check for them, you may never find them because normal leak test procedures will not expose most of them. Don't keep leaking costly refrigerant because you're not sure! By the way, you're looking at one of those hidden hard to find leak areas right now!

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Common problems that just go undetected !
Auto A/C component designs are getting far more efficient, but do you realize the manufacturer's changes are designing 'hidden' leaks right into the part? Many of the leaks areas we reveal in this manual are just so easy to go undetected if you're not looking in the right places. If you're going to do a leak test, be sure that you're doing the complete leak test, not just waiting for the leak to jump out at you! (because they won't!)

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Replacing A/C Compressors? You'll want to know about this!
There's been sweeping changes in component designs, that's for sure. But did you know that simply changing an A/C compressor could cause you problems that never existed on older systems? We expose the problem and show you exactly how to complete the repair properly.

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Get the 'Added bonus' at no charge!
Includes the straight truth about o-rings so you will never be confused by all the different colors again!
We've even included bonus sections about the newest most overlooked A/C system leak that's being missed every day! Another added bonus is the straight truth about o-rings. You've seen countless colors but nobody has ever explained what the difference is. Does it matter? Can you replace green o-rings with black ones? We show you all the details and even include a basic compatibility chart so you will easily be able to find the right o-ring seals!

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A look at the WIZ Chart™ included with this A/CE™ Manual !
The WIZ Chart™ included in this section is a great quick reference chart that you can take anywhere. This information is just not published anywhere else. Not in other books; not on those 'National Brand' Auto Manuals on CD; Matter of fact, this information isn't even in the vehicle manufacturer's factory service manual! It's only available here. Don't wait... order now and take advantage of the eCoupon so you get this information for free!

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We reveal everything about the 10 most common leaks in today's auto A/C systems!

You could get this eBook for free!
It's only $9.95 now
and includes
discount coupon
for $9.95!!

Remember that when you purchase this eBook now, you get a special discount coupon that's only available from inside the book! That coupon gives you an automatic discount of $9.95 off your next purchase at the COOL ZONE™ on-line A/C parts warehouse! That means this eBook actually costs you nothing!

(Discount coupon is valid for over 1 year; Discount applies to all products listed in the COOL ZONE™ including other eBook titles and products!)

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