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When you're diagnosing auto A/C,
it's really important to know the Relative Humidity!
How do you determine the relative humidity? You use a 'psychrometer'!

- How to Make and Use your own Psychrometer:
Now you can determine the relative humidity at any time!

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A Psychrometer is a rather simple instrument to make and use if you have all the right information! This A/CE™ manual gives you everything you need to know! It includes detailed step by step instructions and full color photos! Just because we've made it simple and easy to make and understand, don't confuse it with being a toy! The details included in this eBook manual show you how to make an accurate and reliable psychrometer that will provide years of service for just a few dollars!

Did you know that there was a time when vehicle manufacturer's shop manuals listed a psychrometer as a 'required' A/C service technician tool? That's because knowing what the relative humidity is and understanding how it effects the cooling of your auto A/C system is important to proper diagnosis!

When you get this information, it will include a Humidity Based Pressure/Temperature
WIZ Chart™! That's your complete reference when diagnosing any auto A/C system! The chart gives you all the detailed refrigerant pressure gauge readings (both high and low side readings) that you should be getting, plus the expected duct outlet temperature, all depending on both the ambient temperature and the relative humidity! (The chart details all of this for both R-12 and R-134a systems!)

Why is the Humidity based Pressure/Temperature chart important? Well, did you know that depending on the ambient air temperature and the humidity of the day, a properly operating A/C system may only produce 50 °F air at the duct outlets? If that's the case, you could be chasing expensive parts wasting time and money recharging the A/C system for no reason!

Also included is the WIZ Chart™ Psychrometer Graph! Why is that important? That's the graph you use to quickly 'chart' and determine the relative humidity. Don't worry, we not only provide you the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make a psychrometer, we show you exactly how to use it and chart your readings! Within minutes you will be able to accurately calculate the relative humidity right in your own shop!

So now ask yourself one more time. If the A/C system you're working on is only producing 50 °F air at the duct outlets, is it working properly? You won't know until you can determine the relative humidity right on your shop floor and then check the Humidity Based Pressure/Temperature WIZ Chart™. Quit guessing! Make all of your auto A/C diagnosis accurate by using your own psychrometer to determine the relative humidity and compare your pressure gauge readings to the Humidity Based Pressure/Temperature WIZ Chart™!

Now for the best part! Even though this eBook could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by improving your A/C diagnosis, earlier we told you that you could get this A/CE™ eBook manual for free, right? Well, here's how! This eBook includes a 'special electronic discount coupon' that's available only from inside the book! When you've finished the book, simply register that coupon. You will automatically get $9.95 off your next purchase at the COOL ZONE™ Auto A/C Parts Warehouse (on any order totalling $39.99 or more!; Discount is calculated at the Checkout Page)

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Here's a peek at what's included!

Step-by-step details showing you exactly how to
make your psychrometer!
Not only do we include a complete list of everything you need (keep in mind that everything you need will only cost a few dollars!) but we show you what to watch for; how to assemble it; and then we even detail how to use it for maximum accuracy and reliability!
How do you really determine the relative humidity?
We show you exactly how to do this. You'll quickly be able to use the WIZ Chart™ Psychrometer Graph to chart your readings and accurately determine the relative humidity in just a few minutes! That's right! Know exactly what the humidity is right inside your own shop... all in a couple of minutes... all for just a few dollars!
More examples so that you're really comfortable!
To be sure that you're comfortable with using your psychrometer, we've included extra real examples of readings we took. In fact, we completed these readings in just a few minutes. What was surprising was that we found there was a difference in humidity inside when compared to the readings outside! Did you know that there could be changes? That means the relative humidity that you hear in weather reports don't really matter to your A/C diagnosis! The humidity in your shop could be different!
A look at the two WIZ Charts™ included with this A/CE™ Manual !
Using the included Humidity Based Pressure/Temperature WIZ Chart™ assures you accurate A/C diagnosis! That's because it includes expected (maximum allowable) high and low side pressure gauge readings for both R-12 and R-134a systems! All of the readings are based on the ambient (outside) air temperature and the relative humidity!
Accurately determine the relative humidity right in your shop...
all within a couple of minutes!
We've also included this Psychrometer Graph WIZ Chart™ that lets you accurately determine the relative humidity in a couple of minutes! It's easy to use and we provide you detailed step-by-step instructions on just how to use it! Get accurate A/C diagnosis when you really know what the relative humidity is!

You could get this eBook for free!
It's only $9.95 now
and includes
discount coupon
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Remember that when you purchase this eBook now, you get a special discount coupon that's only available from inside the book! That coupon gives you an automatic discount of $9.95 off your next purchase at the COOL ZONE™ on-line A/C parts warehouse! That means this eBook actually costs you nothing!

(Discount coupon is valid for over 1 year; Discount applies to all products listed in the COOL ZONE™ including other eBook titles and products!)

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