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Your best source for complete troubleshooting and diagnosis information on auto A/C systems. Our information provides proper repair, recharge, service and maintenance procedures for all automotive air conditioning systems. Regardless if you have a current CCOT (cycling clutch orifice tube) system or an expansion valve and POA valve system, we've got the information you need. From step-by-step help on retrofitting and recharging to complete A/C compressor or component replacement, our A/C manuals provide you a quick and easy methods that have been proven helpful to everybody from the apprentice to the professional.

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We strive to make your best source for automotive air conditioning service, repair, diagnosis and troubleshooting information. In our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's) Section we're attempting to provide the information that you really want and need. If you have any suggestions for additional details or you have questions that you would like the best explanations for, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also be sure to visit the Auto A/C Help and Discussion board at the COOL ZONE where you will get all the right answers to your questions on diagnosing and troubleshooting automotive air conditioning systems. Fixing the A/C system right is the difference between driving cool or not!

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FAQ's about your auto A/C system!

Auto A/C FAQ's
Quick Questions & Answers about
Auto Air Conditioning

The most commonly asked questions about troubleshooting, servicing, repairing and diagnosing the auto A/C system are addressed in this section. These FAQ's will provide the right answer to your questions about recharging, vacuum, driers, accumulators, hose and line repairs on the auto A/C system and a lot, lot more. Read all the auto A/C FAQ's and get help now!

Auto A/C Recharging
-Adding refrigerant (freon) to Auto A/C Systems

Auto A/C systems are recharged every day, but do you realize that little mistakes when recharging could mean the A/C system may not perform properly? Review information about recharging and adding refrigerant (freon) to automotive air conditioning systems. Also included are details about the 10 most common mistakes made when servicing auto A/C systems. See information on Recharging & adding refrigerant (freon) to auto A/C Systems.

Auto A/C Diagnosis
-Help with how to
Diagnose any Auto
A/C system!

Diagnosing auto A/C systems? Problems with poor cooling? We've got help on how you can diagnose any auto A/C system. Also details about perfomance testing auto A/C systems too!
See information on Diagnosing auto A/C systems.

Auto A/C Flushing
-Cleaning & Flushing the auto A/C system
is important!

Flushing the Auto A/C system is very important for proper performance. Contamination in the Auto A/C system can lead to catastrophic failure! Did you know that less than 1/10th of a teaspoon of debris can cause your A/C compressor to seize? Remove contamination by flushing and cleaning the A/C system.
See information on Flushing & cleaning auto A/C Systems.

Auto A/C Leak Detection:
Stop costly refrigerant leaks when you find all the leaks in auto A/C systems!

Stop refrigerant from leaking! Find all the leaks in the Auto A/C system the first time. Help and information about how to find leaks in the auto A/C system. Leak detction is important because auto A/C systems running on a low refrigerant charge can cause catastrophic failure to the A/C compressor!
See information on Auto A/C Leak Detection - Help on how to find all the leaks.

AAuto A/C
Do's & Don'ts!
Answers to your questions about
Auto A/C Service

Review articles about the Do's and Don'ts of auto air conditioning; Help with explanations of the different components of your auto A/C system; also help in how to find the right auto A/C service. See more articles and info about auto A/C do's and don'ts and auto A/C components explained.

Understanding the pressure gauge readings in auto A/C systems

What are the pressure gauge readings all about? Well, ask just about any A/C service technician about an A/C problem, and the first question they will usually have is "What are the gauge readings?". That's because the pressure gauge readings tell a lot about what's happening in the auto A/C system. But be cautious, because there's a lot that the pressure gauges won't tell you. Understand what pressure gauge readings are all in auto A/C systems.

your auto A/C
Here's the info
you really need!

 One of the most costly jobs in auto air service is the replacement of the A/C compressor. The other problem is that it's also one of the most misunderstood jobs. If you think you can just unbolt one compressor and install a new or remanufactured one, you better have a look here. There's a lot more to the job and we explain it all! Review the details you need to know when you are replacing your auto A/C compressor

Foul odors from your A/C system making you sick?

A common complaint and problem is the fact that even properly operating auto A/C systems develop a foul odor. Are you tired of those odors? Tried everything and you still can't get rid of them? That may be because you're not getting to the real problem. You're just masking the odor. Find out why you are getting odors from your A/C system and find out how to eliminate foul odors from your auto A/C system.

Repairing aluminum A/C hoses and lines in your auto A/C system.

Complete details on how you can easily repair or replace just about any auto A/C hose or line. This information will be available very soon! Please visit back. In the meantime, please visit the Auto A/C Forum for all the right answers to your auto A/C Questions.

Crimp and Repair any A/C hose or lines in your auto
A/C system

Learn how you can easily repair any auto A/C hose assembly by just replacing the section of hose without having to replace the entire A/C hose assembly. The simple 3 step hose repair process provides professional O.E. style results in just a few minutes. Get all the details on A/C Hose Crimping and Repairing A/C Hoses.

Determine the right size of fitting and hose required for
A/C hose repairs

You're ready to repair or replace your A/C hose, but you're not sure which size of hose or fitting is required? Get all the details on A/C Hose and Fitting sizes. It's just a matter of knowing where to measure!

Confused about the different auto A/C hose sizes?

Get the complete details that clearly show you all the different sizes of A/C hose. Great illustration provides the I.D. and O.D. (inside and outside diameters) of the four sizes of A/C hose used on your A/C system.

Leaking Auto A/C System? Here's the most common leaks and what you can do that might prevent them!

Leaks in your car air conditioning system can be expensive. Why? Because if the leak involves an A/C part that has to be replaced, you will find the combination of parts, labor and recharging to be costly. This information will be available very soon!  Here's the most common leaks in just about all the auto A/C systems and what you may be able to do to help prevent them.

Retrofitting A/C Systems

Up until the early 1990’s, all auto A/C Systems used a common refrigerant known as R-12 (Freon). It was relatively inexpensive and very efficient at transferring heat. However, it was eventually discovered that R-12 (along with all other CFC’s and some other substances) had a very sever negative impact on the earth’s ozone layer. Therefore, R-12 had to be replaced as the preferred refrigerant. Read more about retrofitting your auto A/C system....
Don't forget to see all the details about retrofitting your A/C system in the eBook titled Recharging and Retrofitting auto A/C systems. It explains all the steps required to complete a retrofit to get maximum cooling from your car's A/C system. Best of all, you get immediate digital delivery 24/7 and never pay shipping!

Is R-152a a good alternative refrigerant?

They may not be laboratory tests, but we're glad that ChevyBob took the time to do some excellent tests on three identical vehicles. One charged with R-12, one with R-134a and one with R-152a. The tests were conducted on the same day at the same time. Like we said, they may not be laboratory tests, but they sure do provide some excellent information about how these three refrigerants perform in the auto A/C system. Read more details about using R-152a refrigerant in an auto A/C system

Auto A/C System illustrations and Schematic drawings

This information will be available very soon!  You know they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Here's proof. We've assembled a lot of the illustrations that help you understand the auto A/C system. You are welcome to view these auto A/C system illustrations and schematic drawings.

Glossary of Terms

Learn all the right terms and meanings with this complete "Glossary of terms" available on line. Don't let any of the auto A/C terms confuse you

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