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Your best source for complete troubleshooting and diagnosis information on auto A/C systems. Our information provides proper repair, recharge, service and maintenance procedures for all automotive air conditioning systems. Regardless if you have a current CCOT (cycling clutch orifice tube) system or an expansion valve and POA valve system, we've got the information you need. From step-by-step help on retrofitting and recharging to complete A/C compressor or component replacement, our A/C manuals provide you a quick and easy methods that have been proven helpful to everybody from the apprentice to the professional.

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Are you responsible for providing auto A/C diagnosis information, training, updating or support for a chain or franchise of auto repair or auto A/C service shops? We have complete programs that can be tailor made to fit your requirements. Our auto A/C diagnosis, training and support material is comprehensive and complete. Working with will make your job easier and provide unparalleled support for auto A/C service and repair.

Regardless if your chain of shops or franchise is spread across town, a few states, nationally or globally, we have support solutions that you can rely on. All of this is backed by auto A/C service professionals and instructors who have compiled over 100 years in hands-on and technical auto A/C service. Our abilities are unparalleled. We invite you to let us provide your complete support solution!

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The most comprehensive auto A/C service manuals
Part of our support can include our complete auto A/C diagnosis and repair manuals. They are a complete and comprehensive series of help and guidance that are suited for the apprentice or the auto A/C professional. Every manual is in an easy to follow format and professionally illustrated making all the concepts and fundamentals easy to follow, understand and remember. In fact, our customers have already said it all!
Thorough coverage of individual topics
Each of our auto A/C service manuals covers individual topics. Your requirements may be that only some of the information is required. We would be pleased to work with you to brand the information in a format that keeps your corporate identity in for forefront.
Ongoing daily support
We are proud to support the Auto A/C Connection!™. It's the most comprehensive resource for auto A/C service available. What is unique is that this resource is constantly updated with new information. We would be pleased to work with you to 'brand' this so it can be available to every one of your service and repair shops at the 'click' of a button!
Electronic format for easy delivery
All of our manuals and auto A/C service information packages are in digital eBook format. That makes it easy to deliver, anywhere in the world! Our full version manuals are printable so there is always a 'hard copy' available. They also include our WIZ Chart™ Quick Reference Summary pages that provide an excellent review of each chapter or section.
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We're ready whenever you are! Contact us today so that we can better understand your particular needs. Let us show you an evaluation copy of our manuals so that you can see for yourself. We will also demonstrate how our manuals are not only comprehensive and informative, but they can be profitable for you as well. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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